Beyond Icefall

New release - February 2018

Smart, beautiful and ruthless, Tanya Bower has spent twenty-five years trying to recreate the civilization the world enjoyed before the flood that wiped out most of Australia’s and the world’s population.

Following the death of their founder, David Bower The Settlement spends years fighting for survival. Allied to survivors of the Australian military, Tanya’s forces supressed not only challenges to her right to lead and the threats of internal rogue elements but also the destructive repercussions of attempted takeover by neighbouring clans.

Intertwined with The Settlement’s increasing peril is the angst of Tanya’s crumbling relationship with husband Mark, who she knows has fathered two children with other women. Not allowing her commitment to The Settlement to waver in any way she quietly separates from Mark. She eventually meets Louis, the leader of a nearby enclave.

Tanya’s greatest challenge, however, still lies ahead. When The Settlement is unexpectedly attacked by the Vikings, Tanya is betrayed a second time when the Military refuses to help defend her home. To her horror, the source of the threat to the Settlement is Jonathan, a member of her own family, trying to create a society under military rule.

Alone, except for a small cadre of trusted companions and The Settlement’s disciplined military Academy, Tanya will be tested to the limit as she desperately tries to save her people against overwhelming forces, from without and within.