Book Two of The Tanya Bower Trilogy

Smart, beautiful and ruthless, TanyaBower has spent twenty-five years trying to recreate the civilization the world enjoyed before the flood that wiped out most of Australia’s and the world’s population.

Following the death of their founder, David Bower, The Settlement spends years fighting for survival. Allied to survivors of the Australian military, Tanya’s forces suppressed not only challenges to her right to lead and the threats of internal rogue elements but also the destructive repercussions of attempted takeover by neighboring clans…..[read more]



Book One of The Tanya Bower Trilogy

Antarctic's Ross Ice Shelf - a lump of Ice about the size of France - is about to collapse into the sea, creating a massive Tsunami that will destroy much of the world as we know it.

Predicted by the British Antarctic Survey, New Zealand Scientists, and the Pentagon, yet ignored by politicians and citizens alike, the threat is taken seriously by the beautiful, smart Tanya Bower who has worked her way up from poverty to the top of Sydney society, and, to her surprise, by her father-in-law, David. Escaping to the Blue Mountains with other family members, they set about creating a whole new society … ….. [read more]


No Happy Valley

Book One of 'Winds of Change' Trilogy

A story of struggle, conflict and passion set in 1950's Kenya during the Mau-Mau insurrection.

Peter Lawrence battles to build a place of his own in the raw African bush, but when his wife Jenny dies in an accident, he falls in love with Rafiki, a beautiful Kikuyu woman. They have a son, Kamau, but Peter finds himself ostracised by both his own people and Rafiki’s people….. [read more]


What The Crocodiles Dont Eat Will Be Washed Into The Sea

Book Two of 'Winds of Change' Trilogy

Uhuru’ future hangs by a thread when Peter and Rafiki uncover a cadre of shady officials within the new Government and Police forces.Horrified by the seemingly all-pervasive corruption that is steadily engulfing the embryonic government, Peter and his family prepare for the fight of their lives and the future of a free Kenya …..[read more]


No Peace for the Wicked

Book Three of 'Winds of Change' Trilogy

Although Kamu, Peter and Rafiki’s son, is still a young man, he has already seen much suffering in his beloved Kenya. Following his initiation into adulthood as a Kikuyu tribesman, Kamau follows his half-brother Robert, to Oxford University, ready to learn as much as can from the people exploiting his homeland ….. [read more]


Rough Diamonds

They cannot be eaten and they cannot have children

Set in South Africa at the time of the discovery of diamonds, no-one could foresee the devastation and misery the colorless gems would unleash on the continent ….. [read more]