No Happy Valley


No Happy Valley

Book One of 'Winds of Change' Trilogy

A story of struggle, conflict and passion set in 1950's Kenya during the Mau-Mau insurrection.

Peter Lawrence battles to build a place of his own in the raw African bush, but the Kikuyu men who work for him are secret members of the Mau-Mau, determined to take back their country.

When Peter's wife Jenny dies in an accident, he falls in love with Rafiki, a beautiful Kikuyu woman. They have a son, Kamau, but Peter finds himself ostracised by both his own people and Rafiki’s people.

As the struggle for independence intensifies, all of Peter’s Kikuyu workers abandon him, taking Rafiki and Kamau with them. Mau-Mau General ‘Black Mamba’ Waichagga decides to ‘settle Peter Lawrence’s hash’ once and for all and attacks Naseby, the Lawrence farm. The attack fails but a badly injured Peter is left fighting for his life.

On his recovery, Peter tries to broker a peace between the British Administration and the Mau-Mau leader, Jomo Kenyatta, who is incarcerated in a remote prison in the deserts of Northern Kenya. However, when Rafiki is badly wounded by the British security forces and put on trial for her life, Peter has to act if he is to save the life of the woman he loves.

As the two sides hammer out an uneasy peace, Peter faces an uncertain future. Naseby is forever lost to him as part of the settlement for Kenyan Independence, however Peter is elevated to Minister of Agriculture in the new Government … and a target once again.

In the style of Wilbur Smith, Guy Hallowes combines history and historical titbits for a really good action story.

Jim Kornmehl

An excellent introduction to life in Kenya around the time of Independence. The author's first-hand knowledge makes these novels lifelike and believable.


Guy Hallowes has written an adventure story that gallops along with unexpected twists and turns. It is also a romance and a page turner.

Ol’Kalou Child