No Peace for the Wicked


No Peace for the Wicked

Book Three of 'Winds of Change' Trilogy

Although Kamau is still a young man, he has already seen much suffering in his beloved Kenya. Following his initiation into adulthood as a Kikuyu tribesman, Kamau follows his half-brother Robert, to Oxford University, ready to learn as much as can from the people exploiting his homeland.

Once in England, the boys’ natural athleticism is soon evident and both are chosen for the England rugby side. But even in sport, conflict soon rears its ugly head as Kamau clashes with Hannes Roux, a member of the last South African rugby team to tour the UK prior to the end of apartheid. Roux, a member of the clandestine South African security apparatus cannot forget or forgive the past and Kamau soon becomes the object of his vindictiveness.

Kamau is inevitably drawn in to the conflict in South Africa and his journey takes him to Kenya and into Tanzania, Botswana, Angola and South Africa itself.  Smuggling himself out of an ANC training camp in Tanzania, once he reaches South Africa illegally, Kamau reinvents himself as Willie Lemmer, a ‘coloured’ man from Cape Town.

Once established as a waiter at an exclusive ‘whites-only’ restaurant in Johannesburg, Kamau undertakes increasingly risky bombing raids of major infrastructure and transportation targets. Unfortunately, his old adversary Roux is on his trail; Kamau is betrayed and is captured.

In a race against time, Kamau must escape from prison and Roux if he wants to live….

A fast-paced book full of adventure and suspense, with the well-researched history constantly reminding you that this is about real issues. Its not just an action book, although there is plenty of that.

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Finally, "No Peace for The Wicked" centred around the struggle against Apartheid- the highlight of the trilogy. Loved them all.


No peace for the wicked brings us through the struggle in South Africa and completes the story for the Lawrence family that began so long before with the Kenyan revolution back in the 50's.