Rough Diamonds


Rough Diamonds

They cannot be eaten and they cannot have children

Set in South Africa at the time of the discovery of diamonds, no-one could foresee the devastation and misery the colourless gems would unleash on the continent.

For many years, Mpande, half-brother of the great King Shaka, had kept the British forces south of the Tugela River and the Boers north of the Ukhahlamba (Drakensburg) mountains. Backed by forty thousand disciplined warriors, his people were secure and at peace.

Curious about the white man and their obsession with the valueless white stones at Kimberley, the king orders Mapitha of the Ndwandwe clan to investigate and report back. For three years Mapitha and his two companions, risk life and limb for his people and the Zulu King, only to learn that Mpande has died and has been succeeded by his son Cetshwayo.

Lacking his father’s wisdom, Cetshwayo falls for the duplicitous lies of Sir Theophilus Shepstone, self-styled ‘white father of the Zulu people,’ sparking off a war between the Zulu and the British invader. The Zulus achieve a great victory at Isandlwana but the destiny of the Cetshwayo’s people lies ahead at Ulundi.

The last battle looms and there will be only one outcome – freedom or death.

Rough Diamonds is another page-turning adventure that takes you into the heart and soul of South Africa and its people.
Rough Diamonds is a great read. It is full of interesting characters and crazy adventures. If only I had history lessons like that at school.......

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