What the Crocodiles Don’t Eat…will be washed into the sea


What the Crocodiles Don’t Eat…will be washed into the sea

Book Two of 'Winds of Change' Trilogy

Uhuru’s future hangs by a thread when Peter and Rafiki uncover a cadre of shady officials within the new Government and Police forces. Horrified by the seemingly all-pervasive corruption that is steadily engulfing the embryonic government, Peter and his family prepare for the fight of their lives and the future of a free Kenya.

Joined by Rafiki’s uncle Wacheera, an incorruptible senior police officer, the Lawrence family is forced to confront Nyamita, Wacheera’s boss and one of the main sources of the corruption. In retaliation, Nyamita arranges to kidnap their precious son, Kamau. In a dramatic turn of events Kamau is rescued, but just as Nyamita is about to be arrested, he escapes to the security of a bolt-hole in Dar-es-Salaam, in neighbouring Tanzania.

In desperation, Rafiki manages to enlist the help of Mwangi Mkubwa (Big Mwangi) the owner of several legitimate and not so legitimate businesses. The story takes us from temperate Nairobi to the inhospitable forests of the Aberdares to the steamy shores of Lake Victoria and the tropical ports of Dar-es-Salaam and Mombasa,

With nothing to lose, Peter and Rafiki in turn successfully abduct Nyamita from his Tanzanian hideout and return him to Nairobi to face the justice that he so thoroughly deserves.

This story is also packed with adventure and takes the reader on an amazing journey through the landscapes of Kenya and it surrounds. The smell of Africa almost rises from the book and made me want to visit again very much.

Amazon Customer

A thrilling book. I found it difficult to put down. I can't wait to read Guy's next book.

David H

Then there's the excitement of the next thrilling book! "What the Crocodiles Don't Eat" based on the corruption that followed Independence