meet guy hallowes


Born and raised in Kenya in the nineteen forties and fifties where, Guy grew up the so called ‘White Highlands’, where his parents were farmers. For a while, the family fortunes prospered but the advent of Kenyan fight for independence in the nineteen fifties destroyed their unrealistic dream.

The family farm was lost when it was taken over by the British Government, as part of the 1963 independence settlement. Guy’s first novel ‘No Happy Valley’ was written against the backdrop of this momentous change in African history.

Following his National Service with the Kenyan Regiment, Guy celebrated his nineteenth birthday on the boat to England where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant five years later.

Returning to Africa, Guy then spent the next twenty years in South Africa and Botswana, working firstly in finance, and then in various general management roles with a major corporation. Guy travelled extensively in these countries, gaining a particularly intimate knowledge of the ‘non-white’ areas surrounding Johannesburg, whilst engaged in charity work.

Seeking a brighter future for their family, Guy, his wife Diana and their four children migrated to Australia in 1986. Following a management role in a major international FMCG company, Guy joined Harlequin, the publishers of Mills&Boon Romance fiction. After a restructure, Guy headed up the Asia Pacific team and ran the very successful Japanese operation, as well as introducing Mills&Boon into China.

Guy spent twenty years in publishing, including a stint as the Managing Director of Harlequin’s UK operations and four years in Toronto overseeing all Harlequin operations outside of North America.

At present, Guy and his wife Diana reside in Sydney, Australia where Guy concentrates on writing and is currently working on his seventh title.