no peace for the wicked

Trying to come to terms with his half African, half English roots, the story takes Kamau Lawrence from Kikuyu tribal rituals in Kenya, to the elite world of Oxford University and England Rugby.

Kamau is admitted to Oxford University to study law, where he teams up with his half brother Robert. They are both selected in the England rugby side to play South Africa, notably in the last game between the two nations until the end of apartheid. Kamau clashes with Hannes Roux both on and off the field. Roux turns out to be a member of the much-feared South African security establishment.

Is all the horror of apartheid as one sided as he thought? Was the ANC just a selfless operation dedicated to eliminating the injustices of apartheid?

No Peace for the Wicked is a brilliant examination of the forces and emotions ranged against each other in the fight to end apartheid.

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