Rough diamonds

From the Zulu point of view, there had been a scattering of strange white people settling on their land. Firstly, in the far away Cape of Good Hope, over the past 200 years, and now more recently some amaNgisi (English) had found their way to eThekwini (Durban). However, they were still contained safely south of the Tugela River.

The great Zulu King Mpande had kept the peace with those whites for the past forty years but King Mpande had now heard of a large gathering of these strange white people near the banks of the great river to the west. Gathering like ants on an ants nest and looking for the hard-white stones the Zulus call idayimani.

He selected Mapitha and two companions to go and find out what kind of a threat these new invaders represented.

This is their story.

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