The world doesn’t end with a bang… but a 15-metre wave!

Antarctic's Ross Ice Shelf - a lump of Ice about the size of France - is about to collapse into the sea, creating a massive Tsunami that will destroy much of the world as we know it.

Predicted by the British Antarctic Survey, New Zealand Scientists, and the Pentagon, yet ignored by politicians and citizens alike, the threat is taken seriously by the beautiful, smart Tanya Bower who has worked her way up from poverty to the top of Sydney society, and, to her surprise, by her father-in-law, David. Escaping to the Blue Mountains with other family members, they set about creating a whole new society.

Despite setbacks from floods and bushfires as well as covert Government interference, with the help of a nearby Aboriginal habitation, The Settlement is created. When the Ice Shelf collapses, producing the anticipated Tsunami, they blow-up the entrance to their enclave, ensuring their isolation and survival.

With The Settlement’s well-trained military Academy their explorations after the flood, uncover several surviving communities, often with very different values to their own, such as the Vikings, led by a man called Thor, survivors of an ex bikie gang and the Amazons, a women’s only group. With some force and some diplomacy, they try to bring together all the various communities under the security blanket provided by The Settlement…

Fast-paced and enthralling, ICEFALL demands of each one of us: what will you do when the Tsunami hits?

A well-developed theme, characters and events at a pace that made it difficult to put the book down. At the same time, it was thought provoking.


I like a bit of an apocalypse but combined with a little fact really adds to the story. I hope there is a sequel as I really liked the characters.

Bernadette Thompson

A great read, fast paced, with action on every page. It deals with something that could very possibly happen to us. Well worth reading!


The characters are realistic - flawed like most of us but resourceful and human. The events area actually believable and the " what-if " scenarios are those many of us have thought through ourselves.